[check]IM-Magic Partition Resizer Pro 2015

Need to resize partition without reformatting disk? Try IM-Magic Partition Resizer Pro to resize partition spaces without reformatting disk, reinstalling OS, or even trouble yourself moving large data from one place to another. Partition Resizer Pro developed by IM-Magic Inc. is 100% safe for resizing, redistributing disk space, and has a very intuitive interface. It works on Windows 10, 8,7, Vista and XP All editions.
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see it be portable via flashdrive

A program like this is a good idea, but after initial use it's wasted space. it needs to be a portable program so it can be used effectively.
John, 27.01.2016, 19:49
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see it able to merge partitions

would like to see this software have the ability to merge partitions
jeff, 28.01.2016, 05:52
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take it mobile

be able to load it onto a bootable CD or USB Drive
Thomas Orlando, 27.01.2016, 15:33
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Allow resize of screen, add merging

The first thing I would add is the ability to resize screen which is one of the most basic features of any program. The 2nd thing would be to add a merge feature. The 3rd this is add more functions when you right click like properties when you...
Bob Fallona, 27.01.2016, 17:13
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Make it portable please.

If possible make a portable version of this so it can run from a USB stick.
John O., 28.01.2016, 01:08